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"At its core, WETx is a technology company." Jesse Empey - CTO

WETx was formed out of the frustrations of the current water transaction process required for land development in the western United States. Our CEO and cofounder knew there had to be a better way that was more open, equitable, and required less middlemen.

While attending a conference he learned of the merits of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and realized this was the solution to the current friction in water transactions. While he formulated a possible solution he met the other two cofounders of WETx who had already launched several successful projects utilizing the cutting edge technology.

WETx creates digital twins of water shares and water rights on a public ledger to remove the frustrations of water transactions. Utilizing industry leading security, encryption, DLT, and water expertise, provenance can be proven and water ownership can reliably be transferred from one person to another without middlemen and additional costs traditionally involved in the process.


Making water more abundant

WETx Dashboard
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WETx Vault

Providing a Wide Range of Services

In addition to its technology services, WETx’s team of professionals brings decades of experience in water, consulting, engineering finance, legal, and real estate development services.


The process of determining your gaps and opportunities through the organization of your assets.


Define a clear path toward improved organization and innovation


Fully integrate your institution into the WETx System

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Water Right Digital Twin
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Water Right Digital Twin

Learn About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

WETx Dashboard

Actionable business intelligence from your customized Dashboard

WETx Vault

Searchable Institutional memory released from your siloed data

WETx Water Markets

Secure & monetize water rights. Buy/sell, lease, use as collateral


Water Abundance

Through Better Management

Born and raised in the high mountain deserts of the western United States, the founders of WETx have long appreciated and cherished our planet’s most precious resource, water.  As essential as water is to life and the pursuit of happiness, its use, control, and ownership has lagged behind other natural resort asset classes like real property and oil & gas.

With WETx products and services, water rights owners can easily inventory, manage, and monetize their water assets.  And with each new user added, the WETx ecosystem’s water market will grow, allowing interested parties to list, understand, negotiate, transact and use as collateral water rights in a matter of minutes for a fraction of the traditional cost. 

No longer do you need to hire water brokers, attorneys and civil engineers, search antiquated classifieds, or make handshake deals over a ditch. WETx’s tech stack and service team enables trusted, verifiable transactions rooted in the blockchain. As a WETx customer, you will see exactly what your buying, validate its history and use, and complete a transaction in seconds, worry free, with peace of mind.

At WETx, our whole aim is to make water more abundant and valuable through actively managing and transacting water assets.


What People are Saying

“Our relationship with WETx has developed from a common belief that, through technology, water marketing strategies can advance which not only assist us in fully utilizing our water resources, but increase trust and accountability in water deliveries.”

“Unlike many areas of the country, water in the west is limited and critical for the growth that is vital for communities to survive. WETx has been instrumental in helping Ashley Valley Water and Sewer Improvement District, plan and prepare for the future by ensuring water is available for both the short and long term projections.”

"Water is a complex business: technically, operationally, and politically. By deploying cutting edge technologies, WETx invites us to reimagine value and opportunity, transparency and trust. They truly are making next generation water management and markets a reality.”

William Merkley

Uintah Water Conservancy District

Ryan Goodrich

Ashley Valley Water and Sewer Improvement District

Fraser Macleod

World Water Council


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