WETx Support Policy 


Response Times Telephone, Web and Email Support 

The following outlines the maximum length of time allowed for initial acknowledgement to occur: 


Communication Type 

Initial Acknowledgement: 

Texts: 95% of texts during business hours will receive  text contact on/before the end of the calendar day received.

Telephone: 5% of phone calls during business hours will receive immediate voice contact.  If Voicemail is left, see Voicemail. 

Voicemail: Customers who leave a voicemail for support will receive a return call on/before the end of the next Business Day.

On-Line Support: Please use http://www.wetx.io "chat with us" and a support technician will make contact and begin resolution many times within the same hour but certainly on/before the end of the next Business Day. 

Email: Assigned to support technician on/before the end of the next Business Bay. 

For purposes of this Support Policy only, “Business Day” shall mean that Support is available weekdays from 7AM to 7PM Mountain,  excluding national holidays in the United States. 

WETx’s On-Line Support Center provides the following capabilities:

a. Access downloads for product updates 

b. Access product documentation 

c. Incident ticket submission via the Web 

d. Incident submission via email 

Escalation Procedure: 

If the Customer reasonably believes that the incident report has not received the appropriate response from WETx (as  stated within this policy), the Customer may request escalation. 

The following WETx personnel will be made aware of the matter and respond personally to Customer in the following time frame: 

f. 72-hours after reporting defect: You may use legal@WETx.io to "light a fire" under the WETx Product Satisfaction Team

g. 96-hours after reporting defect: You may use You may use tdow@WETx.io to receive personal attention from our CEO to resolve your issue together with the WETx Product Satisfaction Team. 

WETx Support is only provided to clients with an existing Subscription. You may be asked to  provide proof of coverage before receiving assistance. Please reference the date of your Service Order and the WETx contact person(s) printed on your Service Order when calling. 


Standard Support 

  • As defined in your Service Order, but at least as described in f. and g. above. 

  • Silver Enhanced and Gold Dedicated Support 

    • Silver Enhanced and Gold Dedicated support levels are available for purchase in addition to the standard support and  maintenance services above. 

    • Silver Enhanced and Gold Dedicated support include the following additional services: 


Silver Enhanced Support: 

  • Customer has high-priority for resolution and issue consideration 

  • Customer will speak with a tier 2 engineer without escalation 

  • Escalation path within queue to appropriate engineer is given priority status 

  • Customer is provided with one complimentary remote product upgrade per year  

  • Upgrade can include up to 3 separate environments of software 

  • Tier 2 engineer provided to be dedicated to Implementation of software and subsequent upgrades as part of the  Silver Enhanced Support tier 


Gold Dedicated Support: 

  • Customer has all the benefits of the Silver Enhanced Support tier 

  • Customer has the email address and cell phone number of a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) 

  • TAM is provided as client advocate and will drive bug and issue resolution 

  • TAM performs all client software installations and upgrades and has an experience driven expert level of knowledge  over the client’s software and hardware environments. 

  • Ticket tracking and custom reports for issue resolution are available upon request 

  • Proactive Support Offering and Scheduled Support for out-of-hours availability 

  • Customer is provided with one complimentary on-site product upgrade per year 

  • Customer is provided with one complimentary remote product upgrade in addition to an on-site upgrade 

  • Each upgrade can include up to 3 separate environments of software 

  • Transparent escalation path with business contact information for 3 levels of internal escalation above TAM for self escalation when desired 

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